Gift Aid

We’ve just implemented Gift Aid in our shop for donated items — this means that if you’re a UK taxpayer we can get an extra 28% from the government when we sell any items you give us.

It involves a bit more work in the backroom for us, as we have to keep Gift Aided items separate and put barcodes on them so the whole scheme joins together, but we’re managing OK!

We signed up a donor who gave us 12 boxes of really nice books yesterday, so for every book of his we sell at 99p, we in effect get £1.28 for it. Every little helps, and the more people we sign up, the more we’ll see the benefit for Oxfam.

If you’re in the shop today, look out for the Philip K Dick and Terry Pratchett collections on the fiction shelves — all of these came from the afore-mentioned Gift Aid donor.


2 responses to “Gift Aid

  1. Hey Kevin and Steve,

    Loving your blog. I just blogged about Pik N Mix.

    And I have a big poster to drop in to you too!

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