Climate Change Pik N Mix Event

On March 23 we’re hosting an Oxfam climate change campaign event that has come together really quickly and looks like being both fun and interesting, that magic combination.

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Lucy from the Oxfam London and South East team has posted a full description of the event on our parent site. There will be a few different activities including some climate change craft, Theo Bard playing a short set, a clothes swap, and we’ll be talking about and showing you ways to get involved in Oxfam’s work.

I’m looking forward to hearing Shakar Abrab talk — he’s one of Oxfam’s workers from Pakistan who will be discussing the impact of climate change on his country. I went to an Oxfam event in Oxford recently where I learnt more about this, and it’s important that we talk about these issues and raise awareness of them. There has been a lot of ‘climate change denial’ or doubt in the press recently, perhaps because the media cycle can’t cope with a problem that is always there, and seems so insurmountable.

Agriculture workers in developing countries are seeing changes in their farming patterns and we can help them cope with the ramifications of this by encouraging the diversification of crops and helping them to be better stocked with food in the event of a drought. Oxfam’s modus operandi is always to help people help themselves through education so that communities can become sustainable independent of our involvement. Our blog had a recent report on our work in Tajikistan, and here’s a video of Helena Christensen explaining the effects of climate change in Peru. Climate change is real and it is affecting some of the most vulnerable people in developing countries.

The event is on Tuesday 23 March (just under three weeks away!) and will run from 7.30 to 9.30. We’d like to get an idea of numbers for this so if you’re thinking of coming, then leave a comment here or register your attendance on the Facebook event page.

There’ll be opportunities to quiz some of our team about our work, both in the shop and in our projects, so if you’re curious about anything Oxfam do, now’s the time to come along and ask. We’ll also be running a recruitment drive, for anyone who’s been thinking about volunteering with us.


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