Design in the community

Two things we wanted to share with you at the tail end of this grey Bank Holiday weekend:

First up is a local friend of the shop giving us a load of I ❤ Dalston Oxfam badges — we’re giving them out on the till for a donation to the counter box.

Secondly, this week marks the start of an exciting new project in our main window display — final year Kingston University design students James Titterton and Bethan Jones are curating Oxhibition, an exhibition of some of the excellent design donated to the shop. Everything appearing in the window over the next couple of weeks has come to us from the general public over the last few months. They set up the window on Saturday (sneak preview in the picture below!) and we’ll be featuring a blog from James and Bethan during the week with some more detailed pictures of the exhibition.

There’s some really amazing stuff in the window — we’ve put out and sold a lot of items like these before, but this is a nice way to draw attention to the quality of donations we get.

A final note — we’re sure to get a lot of questions about items in the display, so we’ll be keeping a register of names of people interested in buying the items. We haven’t quite decided if we might do a silent auction of some kind, or just go on a first-come first-served basis…more details on this in the week!


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