Oxfam/Selfridges Curiousity Shop

You may have been hearing some buzz about an Oxfam pop-up shop happening in Selfridges (or maybe this is just the kind of ultra-specific ‘gossip’ you occupy yourself when you manage an Oxfam shop…).

Well, it’s definitely happening. From May 14th to 20th the Oxfam Curiousity Shop will be in the basement of Selfridges on Oxford Street. The project is designed to raise both awareness of and funds for Oxfam’s work with women around the world: “campaigning against violence, empowering them to fight HIV and AIDS and offering the poorest girls the chance of education”, to quote from our official line.

More details after the jump!

Neatly, the project is supported by an assortment of (female) celebrity backers including Annie Lennox, Scarlett Johansson, Alexa Chung and Zoe Ball, who have either donated items to the shop/will be working in the shop/both.

Annie Lennox talking about some of her donations to the shop.

As well as celebrity contributions, there will also be select stock from Oxfam. Some of the clothing comes from Oxfam’s Wastesaver programme, which reclaims garments that other shops can’t sell. There’s also going to be a bunch of stuff coming from various Oxfam shops around London. We sent a few boxes over to Selfridges this morning including a lot of lovely homewares and some nice accessories. Mostly women’s shoes and some ornate teapots, but I also grabbed a bunch of our more vintagey ties to send on. I was going to say this was a token male contribution to the shop, but having watched Jack’s mum Coleen in 30 Rock appear in a dazzling necktie outfit this morning, maybe I should readjust my gender stereotypes!

A couple of our volunteers Claire and Panda will be working in the Curiousity Shop while it’s open, and will hopefully be tempting some Oxford St punters out East to find more excellent items when Selfridges chucks us out!


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