East London Campaigns Tea Party

Following the climate change event hosted in our shop back in March, there’s been a few meetings of Oxfam’s East London campaign group. The next event they’ve planned happens this Sunday in Tina We Salute You, a nice cafe between Dalston and Newington Green.

Adizah from Oxfam campaigns explains a bit more:

Ever fancied joining an Oxfam campaigns team? A new group has just formed in your area! If you would like to join the East London Campaigns Team, or, would like to find out who we are, what we do, and what we are planning to do, please come along to our launch tea party at Tina We Salute You on Sunday 6th June 5-8pm.

We will be holding a swap shop so please bring along your nice, but unwanted clothing, books, accessories, etc, swapping will comence at 6.45pm. Anything left from the swap will be donated to Oxfam.

We look forward to meeting you!

There’s obviously a Facebook event and group to find out more information.


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