Harrodsed, not Harrowed

Sorry for the bad pun! Nia and Rachel, two talented girls from Harrods’s visual merchandising dept, have been working on a window display for us. We’re really chuffed with it — they donated some full-size mannequins to us that will come in really handy, and used some of our stock to create a windswept-travel theme that is sure to baffle/impress our customers and Dalston residents over the coming week. As we were setting up the display and checking it from the outside, one local punter said he thought he was having hallucinations, as “that’s not Oxfam!” — he was right, in one sense, but we’re really keen on getting people to come in and use our stock to make something different. We’ve got Frankie from Swell Vintage at the end of the month, and “in negotiations with” local band T3ETH about something further down the line. The display after the current one is going to be a Glastonbury-themed camping/festival window, so if you’re looking for any essential outdoorsy summer supplies, stay tuned!

Click the picture below for a full-size view.

Making-of pictures after the jump!


5 responses to “Harrodsed, not Harrowed

  1. Brilliant! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. This is so amazing – I was totally blown away when I saw it this morning. Getting more and more excited for my time now…x

  3. Nice pun, Frankie!

  4. Ha, I didn’t even notice that! Clearly I should be working for The Sun x

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