A Short Thing About Art Books

This is picture of our ‘Art’ bookshelf late yesterday afternoon. For those of us who work with books in the shop (and probably customers too!) this section is usually disappointing. The section is usually pretty threadbare because we can sell most of the art books that we get for more than 99p (i.e. our standard price for books). This means that the higher-priced books go into our window displays or behind the till.

We’re obviously really pleased that our donors give us such nice books that we’re more or less forced to charge a higher price for them, but at the same time it’d be nice to be able to have a few books in the 99p section just to give the shelves a bit of consistency.

However! It is not always bare. We got a really high-quality donation of books yesterday afternoon. There were some brilliant books among this donation, including Russian folk art titles and Victorian flower albums that go straight into the higher-price category. However, there was also a bunch of interesting but not particularly rare/valuable art books, some of which can be seen on the shelf above. Some nice little fashion/architecture/history of art titles, all ready to be snapped up at 99p.

They’ll probably all be gone by the end of Monday, but I just wanted to put on record that we do sometimes have a substantial offer of 99p art books!

(As a final note on art books — people sometimes ask about what we put online. One recent example is this book on John Galliano — we sold it for £55 on Amazon marketplace last week. It doesn’t seem likely (though not impossible) that this book would’ve sold for this price in the shop, but it just seems more efficient to sell something like this where the buyers who are looking for it can find it, and pay the price that it’s worth that will raise Oxfam the most money for our work. This is a bit of a controversial move for charity shops, we’re well aware, but we feel we have a duty to our donors to get the best price for goods that they give us!)


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