Changing Times

The onset of summer means a heap of changes in our shop!

We’ve got a couple of volunteers who’ve been on internships and placements leaving — we’ll be sad to see them go! There’s also a whole raft of regulars who can’t come in during the holidays as they have to look after their pesky kids.

All of which adds up to: volunteer drive!

Do you have a spare morning/afternoon during the week? Or do you fancy coming in for a few hours on Saturdays? Come in and have a chat with us, email us on oxfamshopf8084 AT oxfam DOT org DOT uk, or, if you’re really keen, fill in this form and bring it in to the shop.

Volunteering at our shop is fun. Fact. We have a great team, with anywhere between 5 and 15 people in the shop at any one time. We serve a couple of thousand people a week, and there’s probably about five times that amount actually come into the shop. We have free tea and (when I remember to buy them) biscuits. We even have a shop rounders team.

We have several roles that you could perform in the shop. This ranges from working on the till to tidying the shop floor to sorting stock to alphabetising our books (some people enjoy this; not just me). Or you could be one of those magic volunteers who wants to do a bit of everything, in which case I love you.

That’s my pitch. What’ve you got?


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