Lulu and Lush/Fairy GothMother Display

Today saw this excellent window display go in from the girls at Fairy GothMother by Lulu and LushZara got in touch with us after seeing our Harrods and Swell Vintage installations, wanting to try her hand at it!

More pictures and more info after the break!

Fairy GothMother have a shop in Old Spitalfields Market, and stock a mix of designer and ‘Lulu and Lush’ locally-designed corsets, lingerie, accessories, evening wear, and more!

Their work seems to really capitalise/build on the explosion of burlesque in the last few years, so it was fitting that someone donated a Dita Von Teese book last week that we kept aside to go along with the window stock! Fairy GothMother donated some incredible items to us to make up the display — the quality of the corsets in particular is obvious as soon as you pick them up, the weight and construction coming across right away. The display is a mix of some items found in our shop and FG items, but the majority of the stuff is from Lulu and Lush. They were very generous and we can’t express how grateful we are to them — we’ll obviously be asking higher prices than most of our stock usually goes for for these items: we want to get the most money possible to make sure their donation gets the most money for Oxfam’s work!

There’re some of my pictures of the display below, but hopefully Zara will do a post on their blog soon with some more information on the items contained.

As usual with our special installs, everything in the window stays in the window until we change it over — the date has been set for a week on Wednesday —  28 July. First-come, first-serve! We’ve got over a week of watching people gawk at the window, then…(see the very last two pictures!).

And some rubber-neckers I caught as well…


3 responses to “Lulu and Lush/Fairy GothMother Display

  1. Absolutely amazing! Will the corsets be for sale in the store after? x

  2. I’ll put up a post tomorrow – was going to wait ’til Sophia uploaded her photos as my Blackberry pictures suck, but I may steal a couple of yours if you wouldn’t mind too much!

    Entertainingly, I was taking a couple of snaps at the bus stop this evening when I ended up caught up in conversation with several passers by, all of whom fortunately were very complimentary about the display 🙂

    Thank you very much for having us, and I hope your customers enjoy the window.

    Zara, and all at Lulu and Lush x

  3. Frankie – yes! Next Wednesday.

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