Gosh Darnit!

Saturday saw the amazing Nat and Laura from Gosh Darnit install a new window display in the shop. To quote their manifesto: “Gosh Darnit is a newly formed collection of craft loving simpletons. With a puncheon for pompoms and an adortion of all that be vintage; we spend most of our time hunting out shabby old knick knacks to turn into… slightly less shabby new knick knacks.”

Nat and Laura spent a bit of time going through our bins, for stuff that was either broken or dirty or otherwise unwanted — they then took this home and with the help of some of their talented friends they made a bunch of awesome new stock for us. The outcome of this is what you can see currently filling our window.

More photos after the jump…

My favourite is the cake-stand made out of an old plate with a bird painted on it combined with a broken trophy stand. Awesome stuff.

You can check out Nat and Laura’s ongoing work through their Tumblr or their Facebook page. We hope to do something with Gosh Darnit again when time permits, and we’ll be keeping aside broken statues and other miscellaneous crockery for them to work their magic on! Their collective is a great East London twist on Oxfam’s message, and we wish them all the best.

As usual, if you have any ideas for window displays, just come in and have a chat or send us a message, we’re really keen to hear from anyone who’s interested.


One response to “Gosh Darnit!

  1. LOVELY!

    I would love to have a go at doing a window display one day!!

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