Bookfest and other business

I have been a bad blogger. It has been three months since my last update. A lot has happened since then! We held Valentine’s Day swap successfully, I went on holiday for a month, the Oxfam Wastesaver factory had a fire, we got two French interns as well as lots of nice new volunteers, we continued making lots of money from the excellent donations from our Hackney residents, a nice coffee shop opened next door…

This post is a reminder to myself more than anything else that I need to update more often here. But, while I’m here, some things to think about:

1. After the fire in our Wastesaver factory, our festivals shop is critically short on stock like raingear, old coats, wool/warm items, blankets, etc. If you have anything you want to go direct to the festivals team come in and talk to us, we have ways to send items direct to them.

2. We haven’t done a guest window display in a while. Anyone got any ideas for something they’d like to put in? Here are some examples of previous windows — our only criteria is that the window should form some sort of combination between our own stock and something unique you bring to the shop, and if you can involve recycling/reuse, all the better!

3. I’m trying to restart our volunteers rounders team – the Oxfam Secondhanders! We played against the Rio and a local kids playground staff last year. Who wants to face us this year?!

4. Bookfest! I want to actually do some literary events in the shop this year, because we did nothing last year after my planning efforts were too half-hearted. I’ve already started reaching out to local writers/readers to gauge interest in hosting a reading or some other kind of event in the shop, but, as with the above, we’re always keen to make more connections, so if you have any ideas you’d like to bounce off us, get in touch at!  Brownie points for any ideas that involve some creative use of our book stock. Collage poetry with our donated poetry items? A discussion of book cover design? A book club based around books sourced solely from the shop’s stock?


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