Halfway through Bookfest

After our first week of Bookfest events, we’ve turned the shop into a quiz venue and a radio station! Coming up this week are a bookbinding workshop on Monday (sold out, unfortunately) and a literary salon on Thursday (all welcome).

I’ve shoved some photos below of both events – we’ll have audio/video of the radio broadcast very shortly.

While I’m here, a mention for Oxfam’s East Africa Appeal. Serious droughts have severely endangered the lives of people in this region, and we’re trying to get supplies there ASAP. You can donate to this appeal via the weblink above or in the shop — we have a counter-box appeal you can drop any change you have into, or if you’d like to make a larger donation talk to one of our members of staff.


One response to “Halfway through Bookfest

  1. poetry event was mega cool, though the language may have ruffled some (elderly) feathers 🙂 good to make links with other community projects – great job OxfamDal

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