Interlude: Highgate Readings

In advance of our final Bookfest event tomorrow night, I popped along (with some of the writers reading for us) to Oxfam Highgate‘s reading series last night, organised by Livia Franchini. It was really sweet and lots of fun – also got to hear the work of several new poets, and meet Rachael Allen before she reads in our shop. I took some dark dark photos (it wasn’t actually this dark in the shop) to commemorate the event.

imageSophie Collins

imageFarhad Mirza

imageChrissy Williams

imageRachael Victoria Allen

imageTim Cockburn

imageKate Kilalea

I’ve also posted some previews of the work of each of our readers for tomorrow night on our Facebook page, if anyone wants to check them out before coming along! We’ve got Martin Jackson, Joe Dunthorne, Clare Pollard, Jack Underwood, and, as mentioned above, Rachael Allen reading. Can’t wait.


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