Oxjam 2011 post-game (part 1)

So our Oxjam launch week is over! Where to begin with the summary?! First thing to note is that Oxjam continues all over the country all-year round.

We’ve spent the weekend putting things back into place and getting used to our celebrity-less reality again. We got tons of awesome donations in as usual (lots of comic book collections (I refuse to use the more conciliatory phrase ‘graphic novels’) going out over the next week!) and our volunteers were a great help in getting our stock structure back in place. There’s still a bit of an adjustment going on, but we should be back to normal by this weekend.

This year seemed to provide a proof for the intensification of social media compared to last year — there was much more live-tweeting of the gigs and there are more photos/videos floating about, too. (Check out my favourites list on Twitter for some empirical proof of this.) We did a couple of guestlist competitions on Twitter, to make up for the fact that the gigs are announced as ‘secret locations’ — this was to try and stop *too many* people being disappointed that they couldn’t come, but inevitably lots were! The experience of walking past the shop at 10pm and seeing the lights flashing and feeling the bass shaking the shutters made a lot of people jealous, it seems!

OK. So if you didn’t get to come to any of the gigs, this is an attempt to try and give some media summaries. It might take a while, and I’m splitting our own photos into two posts so it doesn’t get too intense.

The best videos I’ve seen from the event so far have been Alistair Burns’ of the DRC Music launch night. The James Yuill ones really capture his performance well.

Keep watching the playlist to check out Damon Albarn in our shop, also! Charming chap – he signed a bunch of Blur CDs on the night that his fans gobbled up super-fast. Here’s a Tumblr photoset of Damon in the shop.

One of our managers, Steve, put together a short video summary of the first couple of nights yesterday:

Stuart Fowkes, who handled Oxjam’s press last year, came along as a punter and put together some clippings.

Here are some photos, giving a rough narrative of set-up stuff. Next time we’ll have our staff’s photos of the gigs themselves.


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