We Want Volunteers!

We’ve been getting a trickle of new volunteers in the past month or so that have really helped enhance the shop — our homewares section in particular is moving a lot more stock (it was already pretty good but it’s better now!) and some new book volunteers have helped make the shop feel fresher, I think. We sold over 1400 books last week, and recycled maybe twice that. It’s a testament to what having a strong team can do, and we think it makes the shop that much better for customers – if you come in a couple of times a week, you’re still likely to see new stock out, which is hopefully going to make you spend more money!

With that in mind, we want to recruit some people for key roles in our shop — homewares volunteers and till/floor staff.

If you’re interested in joining our homeware team, you’d be helping sort and price the few dozen boxes of bric-a-brac we get given each week. This involves checking for flaws/imperfections, pricing them according to a level appropriate for an Oxfam shop, and arranging the stock on the shop floor. A nicely arranged homeware section can be beautiful!

If you’re interested in a more customer-facing role, then we’re also looking for people who’d like to work on the till or help out on the shop floor. Working on the till is a great way to develop retail skills if you’re interested in working in retail at some point, or just a nice way to interact with a ton of different people day-to-day. You’d be the face of our shop to our customers, and a good impression can really make people remember their visit to the shop, and encourage them to come back and give more money to Oxfam’s campaigns in the future. We also need people to help us with various shop floor tasks like tidying, visual merchandising, colour-blocking, signing people up to Gift Aid, and helping with queries/incoming donations.

If either of these roles sound like something you’d be interested in, then check out more information on volunteering here, pop into the shop, or drop us a line on oxfamshopf8084@oxfam.org.uk.


One response to “We Want Volunteers!

  1. Just a brief comment on my experience as a volunteer. It has been extremely rewarding as the local community is very lively and diverse and there is always someone interesting around. More importantly perhaps, the volunteers and managers are really friendly and they make all the difference in the shop. The shoes’ section looks extremely tidy when a volunteer is in, the children’s area has been revamped, not to mention the books section which is now organised in easy-to-find categories. Volunteers are the heart of the shop and they make a huge difference. The managers are really approachable, give training to task specific duties, are always open to new ideas and volunteer’s expectations. I guess the people make volunteering a great experience.

    In addition, there is an array of skills to be learnt. From dealing with difficult customers to pricing homeware and operating the till. Work wise the till enhances one’s ability to work under pressure; sorting donations gives an insight into the sort of goods charity shops can sell (it is not just about what we want to get rid of, but what someone else might appreciate) and the diversity of the environment definitely enhances one’s awareness to others’ feelings.

    Finally, the underlining motivation of most volunteers is to make a contribution to Oxfam’s programmes around the world. Dalston feels miles away from famine in Somalia, flood in Thailand or domestic abuse in Central America. But at the end of the day that’s what we are raising money for. So whatever your reason, Oxfam Dalston definitely has something to offer.

    Happy volunteering,

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