Check out our wicked Christmas window, installed by our elves this past weekend. We’ve got a ton of festive goodies to pile into the window over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve also got loads of perfect presents stacked behind the till, from neck pillows with in-built speakers to incense stocking fillers to a variety of ceramic animals.

We also have our usual range of awesome books, DVDs, CDs, homeware, clothing and accessories, all donated by the lovely people of Dalston, all of which would make great presents on a budget that are doubly ethical: 1) recycled/no-waste gifts that 2) help fund Oxfam’s work around the world. We’ve got Christmas cards and wrapping paper, as well as a selection of Unwrapped gifts if you want to make a donation to a specific Oxfam project.

My tactic for Christmas gifts for my parents is to get a suitably appropriate Unwrapped present (teach a teacher for my mum, a teacher, and olives for my dad, a keen cook) and then a 99p book or two! They don’t want me to buy them anything big so this is a nice way to satisfy my guilt and their wishes at the same time.

Two bits of Christmas news to close on: firstly, we’re going to open for a short period on Sunday to give you a chance to do that little bit of extra Christmas shopping — from 10 to 4 this coming Sunday, 11th December. Secondly — we’re going to reprise our Christmas mystery parcels from last year very shortly. These were very popular with our customers — we bundle up a bunch of strange little objects and books in shoeboxes, wrap them up for you, making an unusual gift for someone. We’ll probably do a flat rate of £5 for a box this year (we did different sizes last year but all the boxes we’ve found this year are the same size, more or less!). If you can resist opening the box yourself, whoever you give it to will get a brilliant surprise, and so will you! We’ll be roughly dividing the parcels into male/female, and while they would be fine to give to kids, we think they’re more suitable as gifts for adults. Keep an eye on our Twitter to find out when they go on sale. Hopefully by this weekend! Check out last year’s parcels below:


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